Lally by Freddy Anderson, poem

Lally Who ever chose you to be a Glasgow councilor of sham democracy? You arose on the poor folk’s inadequacy Hoping, mere hoping, that Labour be better than Tory, Yet you and your cronies carry on the same old story of betrayal It’s not merely Glasgow Green or the courage of Elspeth King, Your actions […]

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The Orra Man

The Orra Man by Freddy Anderson  When Adam oot o’ heaven was hounded for his sin, he knew not where on this wide earth his labours to begin; to leave him thus bewildered was never in God’s plan, so He took a pickle wad o’ dirt and made the orra man. O the orra man’s […]

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All the lanes of  Monaghan are heavy with blackberries And the children carry cans They fill them in the Summer sun And sell them to the blackberry man The Blackberry man has beady eyes that ripen with the bee He packs the fruits to the brim in barrels and sends them o’er the sea Now […]


The Sun-bright Flower of Peace

The Sun-bright Flower of Peace Ploughman, proud of the running furrow Peace will bring great fields to you, And,oh, what bounty the earth will yield. In golden days when the sun stands high And the sky is bright with gratitude. The leaves on the tree your deeds will know And shade with love the path […]

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